Bad FOTR Captions

Return of Gandalf

 The best summary of LOTR yet!


 Sauron's got a lot of nasty little habits, doesn't he?


 OK, but what's wrong with covering the land of a dark sickness? Or am I missing something?


 I will take a flush, though…


 'Nuff said.


 Sam's secure in his…


Prologue  |  Hobbiton  | Bilbo's Farewell  | Back at Bag End  | Gandalf Returns to Bag End  | Saruman's Advice  | On the way to Bree  | To Rivendell  | In Rivendell  | The Council of Elrond  | The Road to Moria  | The Mines of Moria  | Lorien  | Amon Hen

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