Myke Fedyk
Audio Engineer


A diverse audio engineer who provides professional audio design, recording, mixing and composing for many facets of the entertainment industry. 15 years of experience in freelance audio engineering and musical performance as well as 15 years of experience in the technology industry.

The Little Black Bottles: Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake
Released 09/2011
Credits: Session Engineer, mixing, cowriter, arrangement, guitar, synths, percussion, vocals.

This is the second release from The Little Black Bottles which was tracked and mixed in multiple locations in 2010-2011. The entire album was engineered in Ableton Live.


Chicken Little-ing
Released 03/2010
Credits: Sound design, mixing, engineering, and mastering.

Chicken Little-ing Chicken Little-ing is an art installation created by Molly MacGregor in which 5 screens display different video loops that constantly create a unique, random canvas. The audio consisted of 3 stereo mixes synced with the action on 4 of the screens and 1 surround mix for the middle screen. Each mix required ambient noise and sounds that would sonically complement each other due to the nature of all mixes playing at once. Shots of aircraft randomly flying through the video shots required recreation of engine sounds for each plane. Each character in the video required a uniquely themed audio key that would signify their presence. Sound design and syncing was done in Ableton Live. All surround mixes were prepared in Cakewalk Sonar. I worked remotely with Molly on this project from Seattle, while she was in New York preparing the installation.

Chicken Little-ing from molly fedyk on Vimeo.

"Documentation of a 5 channel moving image and sound installation (December 2010)"


The Little Black Bottles: Werewolf of Moncton EP
Released 03/2010
Credits: Session Engineer, mixing, cowriter, arrangement, guitar, synths, percussion, backing vocals, drum programming.

The Little Black Bottles is a band in which I currently play guitar and sing. The "Werewolf of Moncton EP" is a collection of two new recordings and three older "demo" recordings that were remixed for the EP.

The tracks for "The Devil Takes a Girl" and "Ginger Snaps" recorded mixed over several months in 2009 in Ableton Live. "Unlucky in Love" and "Zombie Romance" were demo tracks recorded in Cakewalk Sonar in 2008 for promotional purposes that were remixed and remastered for the EP. "Jimmy the Hideous Penguin Boy" was and experimental recording, also recorded in Sonar, in which the only acoustic instrument recorded was the ukulele.



ULGM: 3 Song EP
04/2009 - 06/2009
Released 06/2009
Credits: Session Engineer, mixing, arrangement, bass guitar, percussion, ukulele, autoharp, backing vocals, drum programming.

The ULGM project started when I was approached by Eric "Uncle" Leuschner about helping him record some songs he'd been working on. The project turned into more of a collaboration and eventually a full-fledged band. The three song EP was tracked in Ableton Live over the course of two days and subsequently mixed and mastered for the final product.


Feasibility Study
01/2008 - 05/2008
Credits: Composing, arrangement, performance, sound design, engineering and mixing.

Feasibility Study is a short animated film by Ryan Fedyk for which I provided all the audio. This involved field recording of sound effects and environmental audio as well as composing, performing, recording and mixing of the soundtrack.


Feasibility Study: Indulging Anxiety from Ryan Fedyk on Vimeo.

"Feasibility Study is an illustration of a man's anxious emotional struggle the day after he loses his job. The goal was to make more of an emotional landscape than a concrete narrative. This was my Masters thesis project at the Glasgow School of Art"


Plastic Games
Untitled Zombie Game
09/2007 - 11/2007
I was contracted early on by Plastic Games to provide sound effects for a zombie themed game based off of the Torque Game Engine. I provided an array of zombie sound effects before the project was shelved. These samples were recorded and processed for the demo presented to potential investors.

Early video demo shown to investors. The audio I created after this demo. The song is by The Little Black Bottles, which I engineered.


C2C Simulations LLC
Military Simulation
09/2007 - 01/2008
C2C Simulations contracted me to provide voiceovers and environmental effects for simulation demo for the US Military. This project was classified so only audio clips are avaiable.

Education The Evergreen State College
Winter - Spring 1997
Olympia, WA
Studied social sciences and statistics.
  Shoreline Community College
1994 - 1996
Shoreline, WA
Studied audio engineering working hands on in digital (Pro Tools) and analog formats. Areas of focus included live sound reinforcement, recording, mixing, mastering, MIDI, synthesis, sampling, audio design.
Skills Recording Session Engineering
Live Sound Reinforcement
Audio Mixing
Sound Design (including manipulation of existing audio)
Multi-instrument Performance
PC/Mac/Unix Platforms
Software Support
Hardware Support
QA Testing
Guitar Effects Building and Repair
Music Instrument Repair
Chainsaw Carving
Software Ableton Live
Cakewalk Sonar
Digidesign Pro Tools
Adobe Suite
Sony SoundForge
Waves Plugins
Native Instruments plugins and softsynths
Fruity Loops
MS Office